We are a Melbourne based independent asbestos consultancy that provides a number of asbestos related services including asbestos testing, asbestos inspections, asbestos audits, division 5 asbestos audits, division 6 asbestos audits, asbestos registers, clearance certificates, asbestos air monitoring and asbestos management plans.Using the latest equipment and technology, we will identify, assess and implement controls to assist our clients in safely managing asbestos. Supported by a team of qualified asbestos assessors & occupational hygienists, we manage the risk associated with asbestos and other hazardous building materials across a diversified range asset portfolios in a broad range of industries.When it comes to asbestos in the workplace, we ensure that you are managing your asbestos appropriately to meet your legislative requirements and limit liability whilst minimising compliance costs. We will also protect the health and safety of you, your workers and the general public. Whether in the workplace and the home, we will also certify the methods prescribed for any removal of asbestos to eliminate the risk of exposure. We also offer a range of residential asbestos services to support any home renovations where there may be risk associated with exposure to asbestos. This includes an emergency and after hours asbestos consulting service, meaning that we are available when you most need it whilst guaranteeing that you won’t have to wait for answers. Contact Asbestosafe for further information or call (03) 9973 4364.