Asbestos Audits

With over 3000 materials known to contain asbestos in Australia, there is a high probability that a property built prior to 2003 will contain asbestos. An asbestos audit will ensure that the property is thoroughly examined for the presence of asbestos. If asbestos is discovered onsite, its recorded and forms part of the asbestos register which is kept on-site for workers and contractors to ensure the safe management of asbestos.Following the completion of the asbestos audit, a report will be prepared which will facilitate the communication of the type and location of asbestos and other hazardous materials to employees and other affected parties. Our audits will also detail the risks associated with disturbing the hazardous material. In addition to this, we will also assess the approximate quantity of asbestos found which will assist calculating removal costs. Contact Asbestosafe for further information or call (03) 9973 4364.

There are two types of asbestos audits commonly carried out in Victoria:

  • Division 5 Asbestos Audit (A proactive and legislatively required 5 yearly inspection)
  • Division 6 Asbestos Audit or Part 6 Hazardous Materials Audit (prior to demolition or refurbishments and is also a legislative requirement in a commercial property or workplace).

Depending of the type of audit carried out, the report will  include items such as:

  • Recommendations regarding the abatement actions taken;
  • Airborne monitoring arrangements (where required);
  • Responsibilities and accountabilities of key staff in the implementation of the plan;
  • Procedures for reviewing and updating the plan;
  • Develop an asbestos management plan;
  • Develop an asbestos register;
  • Remove or eliminate the risk of ACM;
  • Investigate and re-inspect when ACM is disturbed or planned works are scheduled; and
  • Implement control measures.

Any workplace that operates within a building built prior to 2003, or where the presence of asbestos has previously been identified, is legally required to have an asbestos audit performed.Known as a division 5 asbestos audit, wherever there is asbestos or the presence of asbestos is suspected in a workplace, an asbestos audit is mandatorily required to determine the type, location, condition and friability of asbestos containing materials present onsite.Additionally, any workplace undergoing demolition or refurbishment works must carry out a division 6 asbestos audit prior to carrying out the work.

There is currently no legal requirement for residential properties to have an asbestos audit performed. However, considering that the vast majority of pre-existing homes in Australia will have asbestos containing materials, an asbestos audit can mitigate the unnecessary and avoidable exposure to harm.We highly recommend that an asbestos audit be conducted on any residential property prior to the commencement of any renovations.