Hazardous Materials Assessment

Prior to any demolition or refurbishment a hazardous materials assessment should be undertaken. We carry out sampling and analysis of hazardous materials such as lead, synthetic mineral fibre i.e fibreglass, ozone depleting substances (ODS), Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) and of course asbestos.If these hazards are not identified and managed appropriately they have the potential to expose workers or cause subsequent contamination of HVAC systems. We can assist with the hazardous materials assessment and the early planning stages once the hazardous materials are identified and ensure controls are implemented prior to carrying out works.Our team has comprehensive knowledge of the industry codes of practice and statutory obligations associated with the disturbance of hazardous materials. Contact Asbestosafe for further informationĀ or callĀ (03) 9973 4364.