Managing asbestos in the utility sector requires tailored asbestos management solutions in order to meet rigorous and sensitive requirements. We understand the high risk nature of working with asbestos in various areas and under special conditions, for example:

  • High Voltage Power Stations
  • Stormwater & Drainage
  • Telecommunication Pits
  • Underground Sewage Pipes
  • Gas Pipelines
  • Water Mains

The utility sector has a number of challenges face with managing assets spread across remote and densely populated metropolitan areas. As a result, we can develop asbestos management programs to preserve the integrity of any asset whether it be through the identification of asbestos or the ongoing management of the material where there is the presence of asbestos has previously been identified.We also recognise the importance of continual supply obligations within the utility sector whilst ensuring the protection of the public is maintained throughout the asbestos management process. We offer end to end asbestos management solutions from asbestos audits to clearance certificates however urgently they are required.